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Entrepreneurs have a lot to crack. In order to develop their company, and at the same time follow the changing market, they must constantly invest in their business. One of the most popular forms of investment financing, improving the financial condition of a company or starting a business are loans for companies. Below you will find the most important information about business loans that will definitely help you choose the right one.

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Business loans - what is worth knowing about them?

People running their own business have a lot of responsibility, which also involves risk. Loss of financial liquidity, seasonality of orders, unexpected expenses – these are just some of the causes of financial problems that may appear on our path. A solution can be a bank loan. However, to use it, our business activity must be conducted for a minimum of 12 months, have documented revenues on the company account and clean BIK. These requirements may be difficult to meet for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business or lack cash for investments to allow further development. Fortunately, institutions offering loans to non-bank companies are appearing on the market. They are increasingly accessible, even for novice entrepreneurs. We can take them for various purposes related to running a company, at different amounts, and spread them into convenient installments. With the huge range of offers available on the market, the choice is not easy for us. One of the advantages of financing a business with such a loan is a quick decision, and if you use the solution, which is a loan for companies without certificates – a small number or a complete lack of these documents.

Business owners can easily apply for a non-bank loan for companies as long as they meet certain criteria set by the loan institutions. They are certainly less stringent than those offered by banks. All we have to do is fill out the application for a business capital loan bad credit at and wait for the loan company’s decision.

If we want to receive a loan using the traditional method, we must visit the bank’s branch, sometimes wait in a long queue, and then go through complicated procedures to check whether we meet the stringent conditions set by the bank. Let’s not forget that we usually need the money after a few days, not immediately. It all lasts a long time. We, in turn, are in a situation where we need money for now! In this case, a quick solution for us is a fast loan for companies without leaving home.

Some lenders have prepared several loan proposals for companies, thanks to which we have the choice to make our future commitment fit the purpose we want to get into debt. The most popular types of loans for companies are:

  • investment loan (for the implementation of investment projects requiring more capital)
  • revolving loan (additional financial resources to cover the company’s current expenses)
  • bridging loan (used to intensify company operations)
  • payment loan (allows to maintain financial liquidity)
  • technology loan (helps in the technological development of the company)

As you can see, a business loan has many faces. All types of non-bank loans for companies have different parameters, which is a positive phenomenon for us. As entrepreneurs, we can adapt our selection to individual needs. These are interesting proposals from financial institutions, created for the needs of the market.

Non-bank loans for companies – are they different from loans for individuals?

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The market of non-bank products for companies is not growing as dynamically as this one, for individuals. Only a few companies on the market offer non-bank loans to companies. But are there any significant differences between these customer groups? It turns out that in the absence of collateral, the costs of loans that are granted to sole proprietorships and companies do not differ significantly from loans to consumers.

The interest rate proposed by the loan companies is usually similar in both cases, and the negotiation option is allowed only by companies with high amounts. Unfortunately, just because we are entrepreneurs does not mean that a non-bank loan for companies will be better for us. The only way to get better terms is when an entrepreneur applies for a loan or a bank loan. In this case, in fact, he has a chance to receive financial assistance on much better terms. Thanks to this solution, he will be able to maintain financial liquidity without having to apply for a loan.

What if, as an entrepreneur, you found yourself in a situation that forces you to immediately raise funds? In this case, non-bank loans for companies will be a great solution. Thanks to them, companies can receive quick financial support and easily implement all their planned activities. In turn, if you are worried that such a solution will be too burdensome for you, look for lenders offering installments for the company. Using the installment loan for a company, you will spread the entire amount borrowed over several months, thanks to which you will have no problems including repayment of liabilities in your monthly expenses.

Business loan – who can apply for it?

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Nowadays, entrepreneurs taking their first steps in business can take advantage of the solution available on the market, which is a loan to open a business! Such a loan for a start-up company is a solution that was not available a few years ago. Currently, there are even loan companies specializing in providing services to micro and small enterprises that offer loans for business operations. Unfortunately, in this case, we can face one major obstacle. It is the inability to determine the company’s creditworthiness, as well as possible chances for its success. Therefore, a business loan is rarely granted to young entrepreneurs. To increase our chances of getting a business loan and our credit standing, we can:

  • try to get a guarantee from the fund
  • get a de minimis guarantee
  • to own a mortgage

A business loan for new companies is more expensive than other loans, and this is due to the higher risk posed by such a potential borrower. If we have additional security from those mentioned above, lenders will be more willing to offer us better conditions, e.g. in the form of a reduced interest rate.

How to choose the best loan for our company?

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When choosing loans for companies, one of the main aspects we should pay attention to is the cost of future commitment. A good loan for our business is one that will not be a big financial burden for the company. After all, we already have enough business costs, which, as we know, are not small. The cost of a business loan is influenced not only by the interest rate proposed by the lender and the commission. It is also:

  • preparation fee
  • loan purpose
  • company internship on the market
  • compulsory insurance
  • type of security

We pay special attention to the APRC indicator, which is the most reliable and includes all the costs of our future commitment.