Loans for energy efficiency improvement

The energy efficiency of a low-energy building is based on high-quality insulation (thermal facades, three-layer windows, high-quality doors, insulated roof, etc.) that prevents heat loss, on the airflow system (ventilation and additional energy storage) and on the use of solar energy.

Citizens living in high-energy built homes consume about 50% more energy for heating and cooling, and in the case of a house without a facade, they face losses up to 80% higher than those living in low-energy residential buildings.

Fixed monthly liability for the entire duration of the loan


The HRK loan can be contracted in the amount of HRK 15,000.00 to HRK 300,000.00 at a fixed interest rate of 6.0%, with a maximum repayment period of six years. The fee for the administrative processing of the loan application is 0.5% of the loan principal, maximum 2.500,00 kn.

As an additional instrument for securing loan repayment for amounts in excess of HRK 200,000.00, the bank registers a lien on the property.

For the realization of the Good Finance home loan

For the realization of the Good Finance home loan

It is necessary to enclose with the standard documentation, which indicates the creditworthiness of the potential loan beneficiary, the documents showing the Good Finance purpose of the loan .

The purpose of the loan is evidenced by a bill of quantities containing items for energy efficiency improvement (made and certified by a person authorized for design and construction work or by a court expert in the field of construction and architecture, etc.) or invoices / invoices of suppliers / contractors.

In case the loan seeker is not the owner of the property being renovated or reconstructed, the Consent of the owner certified by a notary public is required.

Good Finance credit payoff


Considering how much the citizens would save on heating by installing a new thermal facade, and that for the preparation of domestic hot water and heating it is sufficient to install a system with a solar thermal collector, etc., building your own home in a low energy standard, which initially requires a slightly larger investment (the cost of construction per square meter is higher than 5% to 12% compared to conventional construction) is certainly an investment that pays off in the long run.

Clients who opt for a loan not only save energy but also their own money. With annual savings through less overhead costs, clients can settle a certain number of Good Finance Credit annuities already in the same year.