How much money you have to take on a trip and other tips Perhaps it is one of the biggest concerns of travelers: money . I wish we could travel without money and live freely in a happy world without adversity of any kind. But no. It is what it is. The money is necessary for the trip to be pleasant. We do not want to lose it, or to be stolen, or to miss half a trip, we do not want to get ripped off, or we do not know what things cost …

What we want is to have fun and not have any displeasure in full vacations. And the sudden lack of money can annoy us the plans. And to avoid it, it is essential to ask a series of questions on this subject that allow you to travel as relaxed as possible:

How much money do I want to spend?

Keep in mind that, in general, we tend to change more money than we are really going to spend and, when we return, when we make the change back to euros, we see how the expense of the trip has grown abysmally, since the new change supposes pay again a commission.

TIP: it is important to calculate with the maximum accuracy what budget we are going to use in the trip. Do not do it to tun tun. You have to plan well . All in writing: price flights, hotels, transfers, tickets, meals, mobile …

What is the value of the currency of the destination to which I am going to travel?

The first thing you have to ask is how much is the currency you want to buy. Be US dollars, Russian rubles or Mexican pesos. This will be very useful information throughout your trip.

Where do I change the currency?

When you already know the destination to which you are going to travel and how much money you need, you have to change it or buy it, depending on how you look at it. And you always have the most usual options: at your bank , the destination ATM, the exchange offices or at the airport.

TIP: go to your trust bank. But keep an eye on the exchange rate and, above all, the fees that apply to you. 3% is normal. More than 3% do not accept it . In any case, negotiate to get it down to 1%, which would be ideal.

You can always press that there is another bank that offers you more advantageous conditions and that you could consider changing. Aside, it is important that your bank knows that you are traveling (in case there is a subject that you can be warned about as your credit limit, etc). The other options, especially the exchange houses, can be valid as long as you watch the percentage of commission they take.

At destination I have to pay in cash or with a card?

It is clear that you can take the money in cash. However, you know what happens in many tourist cities: a girl with an innocent face comes to ask you something, distracts you for a while and another goes behind and plucks you in a few seconds. They can steal it or you can lose it too.

TIP: take some cash always goes well, but credit cards (in general, depends on the destination) are the most convenient and safe way to pay during your trip. Think that the cards can be canceled in case of theft or loss with a simple call or online. Be that as it may, we insist: some cash must be carried, just in case (US dollars can always be exchanged in most countries).

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Is it possible to pay with the mobile?

Yes, it is a reality the payment with your mobile. It can. The paper money has the days counted. In fact it is seen that buying with the mobile is becoming something more usual. The banks have been adapting the POS terminals of the shops while generalizing the contactless cards that today offer virtually all banks.

TIP: yes, the payment by mobile consumes data and the consumption of data abroad is more expensive than in Spain. Check the issue about the rates better with your company so as not to surprise you when you return.

And with the ‘travelers checks’?

A while ago they became fashionable. Not now. The cards have eclipsed them. These checks could be exchanged for money by the banks at the destination and, being nominal, if they were stolen, the company would replenish your money 24 hours later.

With how much cash can I travel?

There is a cash limit that you can take at the airport to enter or leave the European Union and it is € 10,000 or its equivalent in other currencies. If you do not report and you do not declare it, they can withhold the money and put a fine on you. The explanation is to avoid the exit of large amounts of cash that may cause damage to the economy of the country.

Where do I carry the cash during the trip?

As we have said before, something metallic must be carried. Just in case. There are even very developed countries at the tourist level that do not accept cards.

Do I leave the money in the hotel safe?

Sometimes, the best way to carry money is to not take it. The hotel can obviously be a great solution, especially if you are going to spend all day outside. There is a certain debate between whether the safes that have many hotel rooms are safe or not . The truth is that when this question is raised is that they are not safe .

In fact Jim Stickley, a security expert, showed how easy it is to open a hotel safe without knowing the code; He managed to force the lock with a simple tool in less than two minutes.

TIP: a good idea is to talk to the hotel address where we are going to stay if we have something of great value for them to lend us a safe space in their rooms. Your central safes have higher quality and performance.

If not, we can minimize the risk and leave only a part of our objects: for example, a part of the money, as we said before. Oh, and put the “Do not disturb” on the door of the room or leave a radio on so they think there is someone inside.

How to know if I have spent a lot, what is expected or not?

Once you have finished your vacation and are back home, it is essential to review everything you have spent. Know it with precision. It is an important activity to make sure that the exchange rates or rates that you have applied to the bank are the correct ones or those that we have agreed upon. It is also interesting to know what we have spent to take into account for future trips.

What do I do with the change that I have left over?

It is typical that at the end of the trip, you get home, put your hand in your pocket and discover that you have a lot of coins (even the most clueless tickets) from an exotic country that you never plan to return to in your life. That means that surely that money can not be changed anymore. It will lose its value.