Holidays on credit Good Finance

Summer has come, the time of the holidays. A time when we deservedly take a break from work and look forward to stress-free mornings, coffee and breakfast on the terrace, relaxing and reading on the beach, hiking, staying in the woods, cruising and more.

When organizing holidays, money is of great importance. Wondering how to pay for the holidays?

Travel agencies tailor their offer to the citizens and provide special benefits


For the so-called early or first minute deals and last minute bookings or last minute deals. In addition, travel agencies provide the option of paying annual holiday installments with a credit card.

Citizens should certainly take advantage of the benefits offered to them by travel agencies in cooperation with partner banks and credit card companies, and make vacationing a rational expense.

The article deals with the subject in detail. If you’re just looking for the best line of credit and don’t have time to read, you can fill out a credit questionnaire right away.

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Vacation financing


Avoiding summer holidays reduces our efficiency at work, causes depression, and promotes disease development. Although necessary, holidays are available to a large number of Croatian citizens thanks to installment payments or commercial bank loans.

In Croatia, the supply of tourist loans intended for the payment of holidays is truly rare. Therefore, citizens most often choose to implement classic models, non-purpose and consumer loans.

While on the other hand, the representation of this type of credit with credit card companies is high.

Holiday in installments


When it comes to paying vacation installments, we usually mean financing it with a consumer loan from a bank or card company.

Consumer credit is a type of special purpose loan used for installment repayments for summer holidays, payment for travel in Croatia or abroad, visits to organized sports or music events, etc.

The disadvantage of consumer credit is that it can only be used by certain service providers (travel agencies, hotels, mountain lodges, etc.) who have a loan agreement with an individual bank or card company.

The loan is usually approved at a fixed interest rate for a repayment period of up to seven years, with a loan processing fee. The bank transfers the funds of the approved loan to the account of the seller of the goods or services.

To realize a consumer loan with a bank, a potential customer needs to meet the basic criteria of creditworthiness.

Therefore, in addition to the application for a consumer loan, it is necessary to submit a certificate from the employer confirming the creditworthiness of the borrower, ie the regularity of receipt in the current period.

Consumer loans with a smaller amount and with a shorter repayment period, usually up to three years, can be realized through debit or credit cards. In this case, the cardholder does not have to substantiate the creditworthiness with the confirmation of the employer. Also, the realization of consumer credit through a card does not require notarization of a loan agreement with a notary public.