Loans for energy efficiency improvement

The energy efficiency of a low-energy building is based on high-quality insulation (thermal facades, three-layer windows, high-quality doors, insulated roof, etc.) that prevents heat loss, on the airflow system (ventilation and additional energy storage) and on the use of solar energy. Citizens living in high-energy built homes consume about 50% more energy for heating and […]

Countryside business ideas business loan for start-up

Many people think that people who live in the countryside are doomed to run a farm and can only earn in this way. However, the truth is different and nowadays you can create a thriving business even in the countryside and small towns. Competition is much less there than in big cities, so the chance […]

Holidays on credit Good Finance

Summer has come, the time of the holidays. A time when we deservedly take a break from work and look forward to stress-free mornings, coffee and breakfast on the terrace, relaxing and reading on the beach, hiking, staying in the woods, cruising and more. When organizing holidays, money is of great importance. Wondering how to […]

Amortize or save

This is a very interesting question that one really should ask. Unfortunately, the answer is not very simple in my opinion, but there are many different factors that must be taken into account. What you have for any personality will greatly influence the decision. For example, I am more likely to amortize than I choose […]

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